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Makena has been a celebrity event producer for 12 years. In addition, she consults with high profile entrepreneurs, is an event marketing strategist, and a social media influencer.

In 1998, Makena first got started in event production where she worked closely with the executive producer, as her registration manager, who produced conferences to empower women on everything from culture to how to deal with conflict management to finances – essentially everything that a woman has to deal with. Before that, she put on community workshops for young girls to help them with self-esteem issues.

Believing that comedy is a healthy part of life and that it’s time for audiences to see more positively influenced comedy shows that are clean, classy, and uplifting, Makena created her own production called “Conscious Comedy Explosion!” This is a production that shares the positive and conscience side of comedy.

Being able to teach other women how to become entrepreneurs themselves and have a viable business is Makena’s greatest passion. She feels fortunate to be able to inspire women through her own business and immensely enjoys encouraging others to find their entrepreneurial passion as well.

Live Love Laugh – that’s Makena’s drive in life, what she lives by. She feels that people need to fill their lives with love and laughter; that’s why she loves comedy. She also gets great satisfaction from making people feel good. It’s truly ironic how much joy Makena receives from making others happy – her name actually means “happy one.”

Currently, Makena is working on a workshop project with Kim Coles from the hit TV show Living Single. This workshop is about training entrepreneurs, authors, and professional speakers on how to create their own signature message and how to build their brand. Although Makena has produced four events with Ms. Coles, this is the first one outside of San Diego and she is excited to be expanding her work with Ms. Coles.

Through her own comedy show, Conscious Comedy Explosion!, Makena is producing a celebration show on the theme Dreams Are a Reality. This show is celebrating 12 years of business.

Makena is most proud to be realizing her dream. She always wanted to work for herself and felt creatively stifled and held back in traditional jobs. She always wanted to be able to express her creativity and when she was blessed with the opportunity to have her own business, she knew in her soul she had to go after it because it meant she would be her own boss and would be able to live out her dreams.

Super Woman Spa Party is an event series that Makena created with her best friend in order to make an impact in the community. Her friend is a massage therapist and a natural hair stylist. The two together use their skills to educate women about how to de-stress their lives and how to have more self-care. Makena realized that stresses of life affect our health, so this event is all about loving on women and pampering and entertaining them.

One thing that Makena wants to ensure she accomplishes is to create a business that is wealthy enough to hire people and help them live their dreams. She and her husband also want to instill in their children that they, too, can create any kind of life they desire.

The one great piece of advice Makena has is to stay close to God and have excellent mentors. She feels it’s important to have a secure faith base and a strong inner circle because there will be times when things are difficult and in those times you will want to jump ship. It’s your faith that keeps you hanging on and your inner circle that will rally behind you and push you through.

Makena thanks her mom and dad for being such a vital part of her life. Growing up, her parents enrolled her in a performing arts school that had moved into their neighborhood and because of that school she is doing what she does today and is able to be the influencer she is.

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