His recent NRA comments may have drawn a lot of ire and anger in his direction, but it’s easy to forget that Killer Mike has been making points and supporting movements that have some more universal acceptance for quite some time. It appears that he’s revisiting some of those points, recently talking to RollingOut about the importance of supporting black-owned businesses. In the short video, where he is appearing at a black-owned record store, he mentions how these types of spaces allow for people to have a social space. He also reiterates a statement

Azaelia Banks made, in that electronic downloads are the top source, but should those sources get cut off, you no longer own what you paid for, as opposed to physical records. On a greater scale, he mentions how black businesses serve all people, but it only takes a short time for black money to leave the black community, which keeps it from uplifting the community in the way that other ethnicities can do. If this spreads, it allows people to buy local, which in many communities, is buying from people who look like them. While Killer Mike says this may not solve all the community’s issues, it does help people be less reliant on outside help.

A cynic could say that this is an attempt to save face, but that’s not fair, as Killer Mike has been supporting buying black-owned and banking with black banks for a long time. In 2016, he brought the subject up in a Hot 97 interview.