The San Diego Monitor News Congratulates Prince Sefa-Boakye on his Focus, Law School accomplishments, and his Future Endeavors.

I met Prince several years ago when he was a sophomore at SDSU. I never would forget meeting him at the Lyceum Theater, he tapped me on my shoulder and said “ I’m going to write for your paper.” I looked at him and I said you are? “He stated “YES”. and the rest was history. His sensitivity was acute for his age. His attention was his strong point. He writes not just about what’s current but about how it affects people. I’m proud to call him my friend and a colleague. ~ Cheryl Morrow/SDMNEWS

Prince Sefa-Boakye is a recent law graduate at Suffolk University School of Law in Boston, Ma. His eloquent manner and knowledge have allowed him to speak on international stages in countries like Dubai and Bahrain, where he gives workshops on how to be self-employed and economically sustainable. He carries a bachelors in Social Sciences from San Diego State University and has done volunteer work in his community, church, and family to which he has developed a strong interest in public policy. In the process, he has managed to earn internships: from one of the most prestigious district court judges in the county, Hon. Judge John Houston, to the youngest US senator on Capitol Hill, Kirsten Gillibrand.