While the candidates gave their point of view, did the candidates themselves stand out or was it the issues? Jobs, Homelessness, Property Values, Housing or Business Development are these issues dealing with our future?



Neal Arthur’s Position:

While we can accept a certain amount of low income and high-density government subsided housing, I am going to insist that we share this responsibility with other areas in the city. It does not all belong in Southeastern San Diego. Sometimes we act like the community that we have is the community that we deserve, we deserve better. Downtown doesn’t respect us, or the leadership we currently have. We need and want, progress, growth, and opportunity. All we have been given is empty political promises. We have lost our confidence. So let’s change the gatekeeper. Somebody has to stand up to downtown.

Monica Montgomery’s Position:

Monica is running for City Council District Four because she believes that the communities that make up the Fourth District are vibrant and deserving of resources. She wants to continue to fight for the socio-economic advancement of every person, family, neighborhood, and community in the City’s Fourth District as its elected representative. She has the courage, commitment, consistency, and civic knowledge to get it done. A lifelong Democrat, Monica serves as the Political Relations Chair for the Martin Luther King Democratic Club. She is also a RISE fellow.

Tony Villafranca’s Position:

I’m offering real economic opportunity, real support and financial resources for our pastors and clergy, and compassion and understanding for our born and unborn children,” says Pro-Life Candidate, Tony Villafranca. News Alert! District 4 “Smart Business Plan” to be introduced by Pro-Life Candidate, Tony Villafranca for San Diego City Council District 4. “I’m strongly committed to Black/African American Economic Development, Black Businesses, and Black Babies both born and unborn,” says Pro-Life Candidate, Tony Villafranca.