No! Not Starbucks, Wrong Ambulance Y’all

By Cheryl Morrow

The manager was threatened in one minute, called the police and one minute later the police showed up… Technically speaking the cops did nothing wrong! Unless they are just non-thinking and non-cognitive robots and can’t decipher between a crime versus a violation of a law that led to the arrest. Then yes, technically they did nothing wrong. But if they had used common sense none of this would have happened. These cops did not exercise good protect and serve skills. Did a crime look like it was going to happen or was happening or had it happen? And of course, neither of those were the case. Nor was there any imminent danger indicated and actually the policy of Starbucks was not followed, if it had, the Starbucks company would have stated: “Our Manager did nothing wrong.” Starbucks did not come out with that statement because it wasn’t true. Besides, they have something to protect.

Once again private sector will never tolerate, civic, public or government policy to over arc the right to them making money. Starbucks should not be the focus or area of our protest, and once again generally black folks have missed the issue and are standing on the wrong argument. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson was correct in creating an environment that led to the resignation of the caller (manager) and apologized. I’m sure they were very upset about the damage it caused the company. He did his job as he should. My issue is with Mr. commissioner Richard Ross Jr. who felt he should overemphasize in my opinion, that the cops were in their best judgment and that they did what every other cop should do across this country. We know that just isn’t true.

When you make statements that something was not done wrong, then the question must come to mind as to what policy was followed that makes them right. I would have like to know when the cops questioned the manager, did the cops ask the manager what the policy of Starbucks was at that time to warrant a police call when clearly there are other people assembling as those two gentlemen were. What procedure was Commissioner Ross Jr. protecting and what actions of the police he felt was correct, oh, correction “ wasn’t wrong?” When we approach policing police one must keep in mind their police etiquette, obligation and their behavior in terms of equal treatment of all citizen. Their reasonable assessment of criminal activity; let’s reports, interpretation, relative in proportion within the laws as its relevancy or relativity and proportional to the constitutional rights of citizenship.

Meaning, officers of the court’s personal rights when performing public duties do not come into play nor supersede the constitutional rights of a citizen. especially if it harms. All peace, court and all law enforcement officers are bonded to ethics, they have an intrinsic obligation to uphold the laws and the simultaneous pursuit of the legitimate interests of all parties and the general good of society. The Black activists who feel the call of duty to protest, most times focus on the wrong argument. Maybe it’s the fever of emotions that keeps us in the never-ending stupid suffering. This wrongness or ignorance doesn’t hold us guiltless. It doesn’t allow Black people to civically mature into a safer leverage point of simple critical analysis.

Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. was correct in rushing to the cameras and saying “My officers did nothing wrong” Good job Richard! Great marketing for the police department. But I know for a fact that Starbucks was pissed like I would have been. Any consumer-based business owner would have. Because if the police officers had calmed the situation, the camera phones would not have been turned on. The customers would not have been the wiser, if Richard’s cop boys would have used logic and the 4th Amendment properly thus understanding that there must be Probable Cause to take out their handcuffs, place them around someone’s wrist; detain them, then remove their person without PROBABLE CAUSE there would not have been a problem. The” My Cops Did Nothing Wrong” wouldn’t need to have been said if they would have diffused the situation and encouraged the manager to be more careful and maybe suggest to her to see if she could be more aligned with her employer and then said their goodbyes. Frankly, I would have the (manager) give me a FREE cup of coffee for the ridiculousness of the call and having to reprimand her. Point being is when a people place Morals before constitutional rights, facts of a case in conjunction with the law, logic, economic interest, historical context and most of all critical thinking, you cause these attitudes about us to linger.

The lack of civic savvy and void of critical analysis abilities we set a tone as if we need policing. Our high moral code parlays right into the “Police State” mentality. There will NEVER come a time and space when a community’s functions within this type of “police us because we need help” energy will render us optimal police respect, honor and safety no matter how many activists get on board and how much black lives matter. Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. knew that 2 minutes of Blackness in the presence of a peaceful general assembly was not sufficient time to establish PROBABLE CAUSE. COPS like him will always feel the Black Folks rights are under, below and actually nonexistent as to the importance of the POLICE’s aka “did nothing wrong procedure” and whims of an officer’s badge. Mr. Ross Jr. historically knows this. Our job, however, is to be critical and vigilant to the fact that this land of the Free comes through the heart of the Brave.

Though it’s hard to sell bravery of a cop as he’s behind a gun in the presence of a civilian with no gun claiming he’s afraid for his life, but they don’t have to present true “Bravery” when Commissioners like Richard Ross Jr. protect them by saying they weren’t wrong because they did the very least without any sophisticated or logical thought or action. Why? Because COPS, of course, must be shown as “Heroes” just for showing up to work. So, where are my activist on the Richard Ross Jr. ambulance trail? Oh, you’re on the Starbucks trail, following the money…. hmm! Ok, so all my Black business owners, that won’t do everything perfectly, and will never have a day where all customers are satisfied, I’m here to tell you, there will be complaints! Take a page out of the Starbucks playbook; immediately come out and admit the wrong and apologize. Correct it with firing or reprimand. Publicly denounce any personal beliefs employees may have exhibited, said or displayed during business hours. Then top it off by compensating the customer with a complimentary gift or service. Voila! That’s all that could have been or should be done. I will still accept Starbucks gift cards!