53 years ago, the Afro- comb and the Afro hairstyle was born. Black San Diego, bred and cultivated the commerce version of what Africa had developed well over 12,500 years prior. Implements of mastery; in the beauty sense; it is not merely the aweness of our blackness nor the wonderous African behavioral traits that is expressed, but for the sake of extraction of the economic juices that could nourish us into Afrofuturistic benefits. San Diego has a distinctive position in the Afrofuturism chasm, The Afro comb was a scientific ideology in the commerce sense.

Who would boldly place productization, monetization and commercialism on an ancient item like an African comb; in a time (1965) when and where racism was deeply institutional and rooted. Afrofuturism in the film Black Panther, eloquently outlined that we must have a local, national and international mandate and agenda. Afrofuturism can easily be the carbon blueprint for our economic how and where that reaps benefits from our mosaic past, present and futures. The African Comb and The Afro-natural hairstyle was just as ancient as it was futuristic at it conception. We colloquially make light of the African concept of soul, but in Afrofuturism; soul is our hard drive. A collection of memories and instructions both for a wellness life and a prosperous one.

Western cities like San Diego, that have deep and rich relationships with Afrocentricity, has never had large Black populations, but it doesn’t need to. Black San Diego like most, has its good aspects and its challenges, however, it has always been the true few who lead progressive agenda’s. These Afrofuturistic edifices need to thrive long enough to create legacies that transmutes memories into corrective behavior. We that migrated west, focused on pastures of prosperity of the golden promise of its namesake queen Califia, hoping to leave trails of Blackness and a global motif. One comb, one Afro style tells the story of cultural economic glory, our version of Black Panther’s vibranium, with every stroke of the magical pick; kinetic energy fuels our brilliance and genius. So Black San Diego, the beauty of our Afrofuturism was our past and is our present, what will be our future?