RUNAWAY Series…just plain interesting

By Jre Best

It was an interesting time to be a comic book fan in 2017. We got to see our first real superhero Oscar contender in years with the release of Logan. We got to see the record-breaking Wonder Woman storm into theaters and became the blockbuster of the year, and we finally got the long-awaited Justice League movie.
We also weren’t lacking for great television Fox surprised us with two fantastic X-men series in Gifted and Legion. The Marvel Netflix universe got its big crossover in Defenders and the widely beloved Punisher got his own spinoff series on the same platform. With all these massive releases it’s very easy for the smaller things to get swept under the rug which is something that’s happening to Hulu’s Runaways. Runaways is a Hulu original series, another show that is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Based on the comic of the same name announced August 2016 Runaways is the first of a few new shows that is expanding the MCU beyond the movies and Netflix. The premise of the show is that a group of some of the richest men and women of L.A. are apart of a charity organization called The Pride.
The Pride conducts meetings once every year and they have been bringing their kids along for their entire lives. Naturally, these kids grew to be friends with each other until recently after one of the kids seemingly killed herself. In the present day, our main character Alex tries to repair the broken friend group and convinces them to come over to the most recent pride meeting. At that meeting, they discover that their parents are a group of the biggest criminals in L.A. and they set out to try and bring their parents crimes to the public eye.

It’s a solid premise with which is instantly engaging by the first episode but it’s not the most notable thing about this production. This show has one of the most diverse cast with any superhero show I’ve ever seen. The six kids that lead this show look more like a typical group of L.A. kids than most TV is willing to show you. With all of them showing off their unique backgrounds not only in the color of their skin but also with the authenticness of their acting. Nobody feels like a stereotype in this show but also it does not feel like the character’s ethnicities have been ignored which is something rare to find in mainstream television these days. Runaways is not a flawless show. If you’re looking for a drama that respects your intelligence a bit more than the average show and are willing to deal with some subpar effects then Runaways might be the TV series for you.


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